Super quiet range hood

The previous owners of our house did some really weird things. I've noticed a stark contrast between the quality of the original construction and the quality of any renovations done. The range hood was one of those things. It looked like the motor in it wasn't designed for the hood. It was incredibly loud.

Apart from being loud, it was also useless. It was set up to recirculate air, which does marginally more than nothing. So we never used it.

In this video I'll show you how I fixed this. Specifically, there are a few weird things going on:
  1. I replaced the motor with an inline fan and reused the hood itself.
  2. I vented it outside, which required some creativity since there was a stud directly behind the hood.

I used a Hon & Guan 6" Inline Duct Fan, which I bought on Amazon.

I used a laser measure in the video, which I said I'll leave a link to, so here you go:

And here is the video. Enjoy!

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