DIY Weep Hole Covers - Stop the mice before they get in!

It is unfortunately time to start thinking about winter. 😒 In cold weather, the mice will starting looking for a warm home, meaning they'll be eager to get into your house!

We had this problem in our house last winter (our first winter in this house). I'm fairly certain that they were getting in through the weep holes in the brick, especially since some of them are right at ground level at the front of the house. So one of the things on my to-do list before the cold weather comes is to block these.

Plugging them completely is a bad idea. The weep holes need to be there to let out any moisture that may be on the inside of the brick. A wire mesh will allow air flow, but keep rodents and other pests from getting in.

If you prefer to just buy your own, there's a product called Rid-O-Mice that you can buy on Amazon:


But those can get expensive, depending on how many you need. So I made my own with wire mesh I had in my garage.

Here is the video of how I did it. At the end of the video I show a surprise pest that got caught in the mesh the very next day!

If you end up doing this yourself, you will need wire mesh, or sometimes called "hardware cloth". This you can find at a local hardware store, or even on Amazon:


Wherever you get it, make sure the openings in the mesh are no more than 1/4".

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