Stop Your Treadmill from Beeping

Are the beeps from your treadmill annoying? Want to run while the kids are in bed? Watch this video to see how to quiet your treadmill.

I'll show you four (well, technically five) different ways to do it:

1. Muffle the sound, if you just find it too loud.
2. Disable the sound entirely
3. Add a switch to turn the sound on and off
4. Add a volume knob

The 5th option, which is what I do in the video, combines 3 and 4. Options 1 and 2 require no special tools, but doing option 2 without a soldering iron is not recommended.

Watch the video to see how I do it:

Here are wiring diagrams for the other options, with links to where you can buy what you need:

Here is a push on / push off (aka self-locking) switch: eBay

Volume knob
You'll need a 20kΩ potentiometer (labelled as B20K), which you can buy here: eBay

Volume knob with switch
For this you'll need a 10kΩ (or more) potentiometer with combined switch: eBay


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your article. I used it to open my treadmill, but my model s different, and I have an Icon S900DS and the board looks so different.

    1. Yeah, that's expected. You should hopefully be able to find the speaker at least. It's likely round and black.

  2. Great write-up and video. Unfortunately, I believe the buzzer on my treadmill may be part of a feedback loop, because now the controls and display no longer work. -- I think this is probably my fault. Rather than remove the buzzer with a soldering iron, I just broke the plastic casing and dug out the metal plate and copper coil with a screwdriver. This left the buzzer's metal base attached to the board. Now I'm trying to decide whether I should try to remove the remainder of the buzzer with a soldering iron and then figure out a way to close the loop. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    BTW, my buzzer looks like the one in this video.

    1. That is strange. Did you perhaps damage anything on the circuit board when using the screwdriver to dig it out? Did you disconnect any connectors to get to the buzzer? Maybe those just aren't firmly back in place. Often, just unplugging and plugging them back in can resolve issues.

    2. Thank you for the quick response! There is a cable with a clip-in connector that goes to the circuit board with the buzzer. The manufacturer had glued it in place. I had to remove the glue so that I could disconnect it and get to the buzzer on the other side. The connection does seem a bit loose now. Based on your experience, does seem unlikely that the buzzer would somehow be in-line, and if not working properly, affect the functionality of the the control panel? Or is more likely just a matter of the clip-in connecter not making good contact? I could share pictures, but see a way to do it via the comments. :) Thanks -- Paulo

    3. I'm no expert in electronics, but it does seem strange to me that everything would stop working just by the speaker being disconnected. Are you able to wiggle that connector while it's on and see if you see the display turns on or flickers? That might tell you if it's the connector.

  3. I'll give that a shot after work, and let you know. Thanks!

  4. Turned out one of the wires had pulled out of the 5-pin JST connector. I was able to work it back down in and then use a glue gun to secure things in place. So far so good. Thanks for your help!